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“Lance is an industry leader
His research and insights have proved right on the money!”
Debra Rothberg,

“Lance is extraordinarily intelligent. He has few peers, if any, in his area of expertise.
I unhesitatingly recommend Lance.”
Gary Lesser, Owner, GSL Galactic Consulting

“Excellent results, Google him”
Larry Wilconsin,

“Lance is a true expert on VEBA Plans. Five years ago, he took the call of a total stranger,
and in doing so, he spent an hour helping me solve my client's problem. During the past five
years Lance consistently proven to be a valuable resource for me and my practice. He is a
warm open person who is willing to invest in others success.”

Don Atherton, CEBS, CFP, CLU, Owner, Integrated Benefits Solutions, Inc.

“Lance is a wonderful resource not just in regards to VEBAs, 412's, abusive plans and IRS
codes, but also who and what he knows about certain broker-dealers. I called him about recent
changes to 412, and got on the subject of broker-dealers, and he lent so much of his time to
inform me about making the right choice. He is a really great, personable colleague to people
working in the financial services business.”
Robert Thomas, Resident Insurance Producer, Independent Consulting

“Lance has been recognized by many organizations for his expertise as a speaker
and writer
 on employee benefit plans and other tax topics. You can't go wrong hiring him as a
speaker or, if you want to learn how you can participate in one of Lance's frequent book
projects, he offers an easy way to get yourself published for the first time so you can get a
book in front of prospective clients and/or professional colleagues.”
David Drucker, Principal, Virtual Office News LLC

“I have relied on Lance's valuable expertise on several occasions in assisting my
clients with Veba's (419 plans). Lance is definitely the person to help properly structure 412i and 419 plans and fix plans that were improperly set-up.”
Sherry Oskey-Hall, Owner, Wealth Creation Strategies

Since first calling Lance, he has taught me more about all aspects of insurance, income
tax nuances, and relatively unknown welfare benefit plans than I had learned in the years spent
with other well-regarded experts who had been in the same field for over 30 years.

As a result, when Lance becomes a consultant to any company or individual they not only get
the benefit of his immense knowledge, but they receive the knowledge of experts in any area of
finance that will benefit the client. Lance will never say, "I don't know too much about that."
Instead he will say, "Let me put you in touch with an expert who is knows more about that than
anyone in the country." And he means it.

I have yet to hear of anyone that has been disappointed for calling upon Lance Wallach for
advice or assistance. He is truly at the top of his field.

Michael N. Kessler, M.D., M.A.
President, K & L Agency, LLC
Michael Kessler, Owner, K & L Agency, LLC“Lance is perhaps the country's foremost expert at establishing various kinds of
employee benefit programs for companies and individuals and also highly knowledgeable
about the programs that do not meet the legal requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.
He is a well known author, has spoken at numerous meetings attended by financial services
practitioners and is the professional you want on your side when the IRS comes calling.”
Bill Goodwill,

“Lance is a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable.”
Paul Rosen, President, Paul J Rosen Financial Services Inc.

“Lance is an expert in little known tax reduction techniques for profitable business
Matthew Tuttle, Owner, Tuttle Wealth Mgmt, LLC
In recent years, the IRS has identified many of these arrangements as abusive devices to funnel tax deductible dollars to shareholders and classified these arrangements as listed transactions."

Lance Wallach


  • 419 PLANS
  • SECTION 79

 Lance's expert testimony has been used in court and his side has NEVER LOST A CASE!!!

Phone: (516) 938-5007 / 935-7346 Fax: (516)938-6330

Email: lanwalla@aol.com or wallachinc@gmail.com


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Mr. Wallach and his associates help clients with Conservation Easements, IRS audits, IRS tax penalties, IRS Offers in Compromise, IRS representation, lawsuits, employee benefit plans, corporation income taxes, listed transactions, abusive tax shelters, IRS appeals, tax settlements, benefit plan reviews, insurance company plan loss recovery, benefit plan remediation for profession practices and small business corporations, 419(e) & 412(i) benefit plan audits. He is an experienced expert witness for legal cases. *RETIREMENT PLANS ALERT*

*MORE ABOUT LANCE* National Society of Accountants Speaker of the Year EDUCATION · Baruch College (CUNY), Baruch College Graduate School · The American College – Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) · The American College – Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) GUEST LECTURER FOR · Speaker at more than 20 conventions yearly, including the annual national conventions of the American Association of Attorney - Certified Public Accountants, National Society of Accountants, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, National Association of Tax Practitioners, National Association of Enrolled Agents, National Association of Health Underwriters, American Society of Pension Actuaries, Employee Benefits Expo, Health Insurance Underwriters, NAPFA, NAIFA, FPA, NABA, ALPFA, various state CPA societies, Tax Institutes, as well as medical and insurance conventions, before CLU Societies, CPA/Law Forums throughout the United States, and Estate Planning seminars. Lance Wallach, a member of the AICPA faculty of teaching professionals and an AICPA course developer, is a frequent and popular speaker on retirement plans, financial and estate planning, reducing health insurance costs, and tax-oriented strategies at accounting and financial planning conventions.

More You Should Know

  • Speaker of the Year and member of the
    AICPA faculty of teaching professionals
  • Conservation Easement Help
  • Captive Insurance
  • Frequent speaker on conservation easement plans,retirement plans,
    financial and estate planning, and abusive
    tax shelters
  • Writes about conservation easement plans,412(i), 419, and captive
    insurance plans 
  • Speaks at more than ten conventions
  • Writes for more than fifty publications
  • Is quoted regularly in the press and has
    been featured on television and radio
    financial talk shows including NBC, National
    Public Radio's All Things Considered, and
  • Author of Protecting Clients from Fraud,
    Incompetence and Scams published by
    John Wiley and Sons
  • Author of Bisk Education's CPA's Guide to
    Life Insurance and Federal Estate and Gift
  • Author of AICPA best-selling books,
    including Avoiding Circular 230 Malpractice
    Traps and Common Abusive Small
    Business Hot Spots
  • Authored numerous articles in professional
    publications aimed at accountants,
    attorneys and tax advisors

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