The Syndication of Conservation Easement Tax Deductions

When things seem too good to be true, they usually are… Let’s say a man named John donates a conservation easement on his farm to a land trust. His appraiser valued the farm at $3 million before the easement and $2 million after the easement. Therefore, the easement is worth $1 million, which would beRead moreRead more



Conservation Easement

Conservation Easement Cases And The IRS LANCE WALLACH Conservation easement cases have become a primary focus of the IRS. IRS Commissioner Koskinen’s letter to the Senate Finance Committee confirmed that the IRS believes that most syndicated easement donation transactions are patently abusive The cases can result in enormous tax assessments, interest and draconian penalties imposed.Read moreRead more

Easement Audits

Conservation Easements, Get Audited A generous deduction that has enabled wealthy investors to save millions was left untouched by Washington lawmakers in the recently enacted tax overhaul. But that doesn’t mean you won’t run afoul of the Internal Revenue Service if you use it. They’re known as conservation easements. Basically, these are legal agreements thatRead moreRead more